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            TOWN OF GENEVA

          Road Weight Limit of 8 Tons is in affect for all

             Town of Geneva Roads.



       Discussion and Possible Action at the Town of Geneva Board Meeting

       to be held on Monday, April 14, 2014 beginning at 7:00 p.m. on 

       Proposed Ord. No. 77 Advertisement of Transient Rentals


       DRAFT Copy of Ordinance is available for viewing under the

       Ordinances Button along the left-side of website.






             TOWN OF GENEVA

                Committee/Commission Appointments


The Town of Geneva is seeking applications from interested residents for appointment to various committees/commissions. These include the Plan Commission, Police Commission, Park Commission, Lake Committee, Election Inspectors, and the Lake Como Sanitary District Board (must reside within the sanitary district). Application is available on our website under Document Downloads or from the Town Clerk, N3496 Como Road.


The Town of Geneva Park Commission is looking for volunteers to help the community by cleaning up and redefining some of our park areas this Spring. Work days are on a Saturday morning, or early evening as the weather improves. We will be removing a boardwalk and laying gravel, planting trees, cleaning up winter debris, outlining trails, etc. Please watch this website for scheduled work days or call Lynn at (262) 248-9035 to sign up for a couple of fun hours.



Think Spring!

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