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Lake Committee Meeting Minutes
Aug 11, 2014




N3496 Como Road

Lake Geneva, WI 53147


Date of submission: 8/12/14                                                   Meeting Day: Monday, August 11, 2014, 5:30 pm



MINUTES      approved 4-13-15- 6-0 vote


All Agenda Items Are Considered for Discussion and Possible Action


1. Call to order - 5:30 pm

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll call - Chairman, Steve Kukla, Larry Kulik-Absent/Excused, Jim Pody-Absent/Excused, Kurt Wagner, Don Woelky; Bob Koehler: Bob Johnson-Absent/Excused, Have a quorum

4. Approval of AgendaMotion by Don/seconded by Kurt; 4/0 – approved.

5. Approval of Meeting Minutes from February 10, 2014 -  Motion by Kurt/second by Don; 4/0 -approved

6. Public Comments – at the discretion of the Chairman:

    Don talked about the large amount of purple loostrife that he saw on both east and west end of lake. Just wanted to bring members up to speed and is something of concern, would like further discussion at next meeting.

7. Old Business

    A. Angle supports for spillway – Steve and Kurt will go to the dam this coming weekend to take measurements, the lake is low so it is a good time to get this project done. Motion by Kurt- To take measurements at the dam for angle brackets. Second by Bob K. 4/0 Approved

     B. Dam Measuring device- Roland Schroeder Lake Committee has been working on a simple tool used for reading the lake levels. Motion by Don to Support Rolands Lake Committee and their contribution to designing a measuring device to be used at the dam and to move forward with this project. Second by Bob K. 4/0 Approved                     



8. New Business

A.    Lake Condition/Weeds: Everyone is satisfied with 2014 season, although water level is getting low. No action taken.

B.    Painting of guidelines at boat launches. Motion by Don- To request that the Hwy. Dept. repaint stripes (Launch Guides) at both boat launches every year in Spring before memorial Day weekend. Second by Kurt, 4/0 Approved

C.   Water Testing- Motion by Don- To request Bob Johnson to perform a water test in August 2014 or before end of season. Second by Kurt, 4/0 Approved

9. AdjournmentMotion by Bob K./seconded by Kurt; vote 4/0; adjourned at 6:10pm.



This meeting is accessible for individuals with disabilities

Note: A quorum of the Town Board may be present during this meeting.

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